The advent of online bingo

The advent of online bingo

Bingo as we know it today, was originally started in Italy as a National Lottery in 1500 and was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. The inception of the game can be traced back in Italy, this popular game spread its wings to France and later to other parts of Europe. Germans also had a share in the history of bingo. They played the version of bingo in 1800’s and was basically targeted the students to assist them with language and mathematics. Gradually, the game reached to another part of the world – North America – in the year 1920 and was popularly known as ‘beano’.

Early records say ‘Beano’ was first played at a Carnival in Atlanta. Edwin from New York who was a salesperson visited the carnival. He was head over heels with this game, which attracted a massivof people. It is said that accidentally in the crowd of people someone called it ‘Bingo’ instead of ‘Beano’. Hence Edwin S. Lowe adopted this new name.

Bingo became so popular that it spread like a wild fire, to other parts of the world in several versions. In early 1930’s a Catholic Priest from Pennsylvania met with Edwin and bingo was played for raising funds for an institution. From then on, bingo became a popular event in all churches and attracted scores of people. Later bingo started as a house game, and then moved to casinos and bingo halls where it is being played for leisure and commercial purposes. From then on, it was unavoidable that bingo, like so many popular games, would find its way on to the internet.

Today bingo has become extremely popular and is in various formats and versions, including online. Bingo as a game is purely luck-based with little or no skills involved at all, hence extremely easy to play. And in today’s competitive industry, bingo operators provide games that are both free and paid. Another reason for the popularity of the online bingo is the concept of progressive jackpot which are available in virtual bingo as opposed to bingo halls.

Bingo can been played at social events like a birthday party, churches, kitty parties and club meetings. It’s a game played and enjoyed by everyone. So much of changes are taking place in the bingo industry, the future of the game will be marvellous to witness.

More and more sites are flooding to the bingo industry almost every day. Progress has been so rapid that people can now play bingo games even on their mobile phones. What the future holds will be quite a thing to see. Give bingo a go if you still haven’t. You will definitely love it!