Learn to Play Blackjack and Winning

Learn to Play Blackjack and Winning

While there would always be people whose sole motivation for playing online blackjack is to get rich, others engage in it for other reasons. Two of these would be the fun of playing and for socialization and relaxation. Gambling is a social affair, and this is not just an opinion, but a fact. This is the reason online blackjack is getting more popular by the day along with online poker. Even though you don’t get to see your opponents face-to-face, the level of fun and excitement is not reduced anyhow. Some even enjoy the speed of play and the betting moves any player can make in the online game setting. Despite the fun of playing online blackjack, nobody wants to see his or her money go down the drain after losing round after round. It is so easy to blame bad luck for it, but the truth is, it is not just luck that moves blackjack. Without knowing some strategies in this card game, you may get stuck in being an average or lousy player. Whatever your level may be, here are some solid hints and tips to help enhance your winning percentages. Bankroll management is an essential factor to victory.

In depositing money, do not shell out money that does not belong to the gambling bankroll. In other words, do not risk that money earmarked for something else, say, the monthly bills. This way, you won’t feel too bad about losing. This can also serve as your motivation to improve your game so you can play longer on the table. If you are in a losing streak in a game where the house edge is 0.2 percent or below, double on your standard wager and maintain it there. Hold it until you are even, then go back to the initial bet level. Though some may argue with this strategy, if the odds are about 50-50, doubling the standard wager should bring you back to even a lot sooner, unless of course, you can’t pull a win. The kind of online casino is another consideration.

There have been some reports in the past that unscrupulous online casinos have been cheating their players of their deserved winnings. While this could not be denied, these are some exceptions. There are reputable online casinos that would not dare cheat a customer, even if they think they could get away with it. So before paying for membership to any site, do a little background check on them. Do not rely on what the site has to say, go to third party objective reviews. Learn about the game traffic, variety of games, basic rules, and other offers. Before you get blinded by the bonus offers, know the specific rules on claiming them. Also check out the extra features that will make playing at a particular online casino safe, convenient, and fun. Do not take the length of a site’s existence as a sure sign that it is honest or credible. A 10-year old site and a one-year old site could both be honest gambling sites. Think of the other factors such as legality, costs, customer service quality, software, etc. Play for free games.

When you go to land-based casinos and you want to play blackjack, you’d better have money in your pocket. While some of these establishments offer free drinks, coupons, and other promotional gift items, free play is not among them. This is why for beginners, playing at online casinos can be a big advantage. They can play for free games until they’re ready to play for real money against the house. This allows them to practice and learn about the mechanics of online blackjack without losing money easily. They can master some moves, or try their card counting skills.

Online sites and card Counting

Online casinos use random number generators (RNG) to shuffle the cards and break any pattern, so often, card counting is not an absolute guarantee to winning. Still and all, every beginner should know that a set of cards with a large proportion of high cards (10s, face cards, and aces) to low cards is beneficial to the player. The opposite is that the deck with a big proportion of small cards to high cards is desirable for the dealers. Use card counting only as a guide. Solid tips to start your winning ways.

* Accept that losses are part of the game. This will let you keep a healthy mindset when playing. Don’t lose confidence or easily get frustrated when you suffered bouts of losing. You can take a break if you want, but don’t let your emotions control your betting decisions.

* As much as possible, decline the insurance. Get it if you are quite confident that the dealer holds a blackjack. This option may work against you.

* The two kinds of surrender are late and early. Early surrender enhances the expected win rate by 0.7%, while late surrender enhances it by .06%. Go to a table with the early surrender policy.

* If you have already won a substantial amount and you are tired, simply quit. Call it a day. Of course, by playing on you might double your winnings, but then again, you might just return all of it to the house. Don’t be too obsessed with winning it all. As with any card game, you can’t have it all, even if you’re an expert in card counting.

A recap

The first crucial element to bear in mind is bankroll management. The amount of funds is not the main factor to winning, but the player’s ability to handle winnings and losses. Also, it would not do well to win, say, $5,000 only to find out later that the site refuses to give the money because of a certain (invented) technicality. Choose a site with all of the following: a track record for honesty, a free play level, various betting limits, bonus incentives, etc. Some on-game tips from the experts are decline insurance as often as possible, play in games with the early surrender rule, and quit if you have already won a handsome amount. Blackjack is both a social affair and a fierce competition. By learning more about the online casino and the game itself, you would get the best of both worlds. You would meet new friends and win more than you would lose.